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Arkema Launches New Grade PVDF Resin

By Chemical Processing Staff

Feb 23, 2015

Arkema’s Kynar UHM PVDF resin features a high flexural modulus, heat deflection temperature, abrasion resistance, tensile strength, pressure capability and creep resistance. The polymer is engineered to be chemically resistant to chlorine, bromine, strong acids, strong oxidants, halogens, aromatic solvents and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Kynar UHM thermoplastic resin is easily melt processed by most standard methods, including injection molding and extrusion, according to the company. Kynar UHM resin also provides resistance in harsh thermal, chemical and ultraviolet environments.

Kynar UHM resin is suitable for a variety of industries and applications, including chemical processing, petrochemical, wire and cable, electricity and electronics, high purity and transportation and more demanding industrial applications such as semiconductor, pulp and paper, nuclear waste processing, mining and tower packing.

Kynar UHM resin is fabricated into a wide range of components including tubes, pipes, fittings, valves, sheets, rods, stock shapes, tubing, tanks, vessels and nozzles. The product bonds to other substrates including a variety of polymers. Kynar UHM resin demonstrates flame resistance capabilities as a free standing product or as a composite.

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