Chemical Processing eHandbook: Don’t Waffle On Wastewater

Oct. 13, 2022

Water serves a wide variety of roles at plants, including as a vehicle to dilute or transport materials, as a means to clean equipment and, sometimes, as a reactant. As a result, many plants must treat their water/wastewater before releasing water back into the environment or to local municipalities. To ensure you don't waffle on wastewater, Chemical Processing has put together this eHandbook, which includes insight on:

  • Succeed At Water Stewardship — Using a sensible strategy along with online tools and resources can improve results
  • Better Statistics Mean Better Permits — The distribution used for wastewater discharges matters
  • Understand pH From Concept To Practice — Gain insight into how to achieve optimal performance with this pH instrument primer

Download the eHandbook.

This eHandbook is sponsored by Krohne, Myron L Company, and VEGA

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