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Choosing Reliable HMI Solutions for Extreme Environments

June 11, 2024
Learn how to make your facility a safer and more efficient place.

Hazardous area classifications, risk factors, industrial HMI certification standards and a range of other variables can make hazardous location HMI selection a daunting task. Fortunately, new HMI technologies designed specifically for extreme industrial environments are making it easier to find safe and reliable process control solutions for hazardous areas. Aaron Severa, North American product manager for HMI products with Pepperl+Fuchs, shares his thoughts on the importance of proper selection of HMIs for hazardous locations and discusses the following:

  • Overcoming the challenges of HMIs in hazardous locations
  • Industrial HMI certification standards
  • Thin client technology in hazardous areas
  • Modular HMI design for industrial safety

Read on to learn more about how reliable HMI solutions for extreme environments can make your facility a safer and more efficient place.

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