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BSTC Journal: Master Dust Collection: Key Considerations for Success

May 24, 2024
Everyday operations like mixing, drying, conveying and blending create dangerous dusts that can become airborne, endanger air quality and pose fire and explosion hazards.

To help you master dust collection, Chemical Processing has put together this Journal, which includes insight on:

  • Master Dust Collection: Key Considerations for Success 
    Inexpensive material tests can be used to determine the optimal dust collection and air filtration system that ensures a safer, cleaner workplace and complies with government regulations.
  • Tackling Wear Testing Challenges: Innovations and Insights 
    Quantifying component life expectancy in bulk solids handling is complex and varied, but new testing methodologies are reshaping wear analysis and guiding preventive maintenance strategies and equipment upgrades.
  • What to Know about Wear-Resistant Materials 
    Using high-strength materials can reduce downtime and improve the performance of bulk material, slurry handling and other critical systems.
  • Four Tips to Avoid Solids Process Upsets 
    There are hundreds of rules to help keep solids processing equipment operating. These four areas are most important.
  • Six Factors to Improve Agglomerates 
    The secret to superior flowability is understanding factors that control agglomeration and clumping. 

Sponsored by: Hapman, REMBE and Kansas State University