eHandbook: Vaaler Awards: Celebrating 50+ Years of Innovation

Dec. 13, 2023
These proven technologies could enhance efficiency and safety within your operations.

This year’s Vaaler Award winners earned high marks from our impartial panel judges. These technologies could enhance efficiency and safety within your operations.

Here’s what the judges said about this current class of winners:

“The historical issue with graphite shell and tube heat exchangers is that due to their brittle nature and inability to withstand thermal shock, a crack propagates through the tube bundle, requiring complete replacement. A design that allows single-tube replacement provides a tremendous economic advantage.”

“Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a severe problem for the chemical industry with potential safety, environmental and economic effects. A more effective coating to address this often-unrecognized problem is welcome.”

“Ammonia is a common chemical used in refrigeration and many other applications. Sampling of the ammonia system is normally a hazardous task, potentially exposing the operator to the hazardous gas. A system to safely sample ammonia has the potential to reduce exposure and eliminate injury.”

The panel scores all entries on three criteria:

  •    Technical significance
  •    Novelty or uniqueness
  •    Breadth of applicability 

The judges aren’t required to give any awards, and the number of winning entries varies each year, as you’ll see in the following pages showcasing the last 10 years of winners.


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