Ogden Manufacturing

Oct. 15, 2004
Single-display controllers have dual outputs
Ogden Manufacturing Co. introduces two controllers, ETR-3000 and ETR-9000, as additions to its ETR family. Both single-display controllers have dual outputs. The ETR-3000 and ETR-9000 are CE-, UL- and CSA-approved. The ETR-3000 controller is a NEMA-4x rated 1/32 DIN controller. The new controllers offer bumpless transfer, which allows the controller to apply a oercentage of heater output when the sensor input fails. Digital Communications gives the user the option to change parameters or record proces trrends from a remote location. The Regulated Power SUpply Output option is available in 5-, 12- and 20-VDC models designed to drive various sensor transducers or transmitters.