Noveon IP Holdings Corp.

July 21, 2004
Corrosion Resistant Pipe, Fittings and Valves

Corzan Industrial Systems are comprised of durable chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) pipe, sheet, duct, fittings and valves and deliver resistance to highly corrosive fluids in a wide range of industrial environments. By replacing conventional metallic systems with Corzan CPVC, engineers can extend system service life and reduce maintenance, while minimizing process life cycle costs.

Many chemicals in the process industry aggressively corrode most metal systems, resulting in process leaks, flow restrictions and, ultimately, premature failure. Corzan CPVC pipe and fittings demonstrate resistance to internal and external corrosion and – unlike metallic systems – will never pit or scale. In addition, Corzan CPVC is inert to most mineral acids, bases, salts and aliphatic hydrocarbons and compares favorably to other non-metals in these chemical environments.

Additional properties enhance versatility 
Corzan CPVC pipes feature smooth interior walls for hydraulic capability. The piping system demonstrates abrasion resistance and does not propagate fire beyond an ignition zone. While Corzan CPVC pipe and fittings have an upper working temperature as high as 239˚F (115˚C), they demonstrate low thermal conductivity. This reduces the potential for burn injuries from hot pipes and may diminish the need and expense of installing protective insulation.

Corzan CPVC piping also is lightweight, offering easy installation and maintenance. The systems are installed by solvent cementing, flanging or threading. 

This combination of features makes Corzan CPVC an ideal alternative to conventional metallic systems in industries such as metal finishing, pulp and paper, water and waste treatment, chemical processing, semiconductor and chlor-alkali.

A complete product portfolio
Corzan CPVC is available in a complete line of process components, including pipe and fittings, sheet, valves, pumps, strainers, filters, ducting, storage tanks, fume scrubbers, tower packing and process vessels.

The pipes are available in different sizes, ranging from ¼ to 16 in. (6 mm – 400 mm) iron pipe size (IPS) dimensions in schedule 40 and 80 piping systems. The newly introduced 14- (350 mm) and 16-inch (400 mm) diameter pipes were developed to meet large volume needs to offer a complete system solution. Corzan CPVC sheet and ductwork are also available in a wide range of sizes to meet various application requirements.