Hoffer Flow Controls Inc.

July 21, 2004
Batch Flow Controller
Hoffer Flow Controls Inc. introduces its Nova-Flow Batch Controller, one in a series of new Aplug-n-flow computers now available. The Nova-Flow Batch Controller is suited for flow applications where precise measurement and control of batch quantities is required. The unit provides local display and transmits flow data for control capability. The Nova-Flow Batch Controller provides for both single- and dual-stage batching processes, for use on both liquids and gases requiring temperature, pressure, and compressibility compensation.

Batching methods available include manual, auto, auto-continue and remote batching using standard Modbus protocol. Manual, timed, compensated, and auto prewarn methods are available for dual-stage batching processes.

The Nova-Flow Batch Controller and all Nova-Flow computers have eight expansion slots to accommodate electronic modules, which provide I/O and communications options. You can choose from several optional modules to best suit your application needs. Configuration of the basic unit and modules are implemented using Windows7-based software, which is included with the unit.

The Nova-Flow is available in several designs in addition to the batch controller. Through the use of a system architecture, the Nova-Flow also is available as a rate indicator/totalizer, a mass flow computer, and an energy calculator.