July 16, 2004
Low-Cost Insertion Magflowmeter
Burkert’s Type 8045HT Low-Cost Insertion Magflowmeter incorporates a stainless steel and PEEK insertion sensor that allows it to meet the high-temperature/high-pressure requirements of chemical processing professionals. This solid-state sensor shows flow rate, volume and two totalizers.

The Type 8045HT handles temperatures up to 230°F and fluid pressures up to 230 psi. Measuring velocity range is 1 ft/s to 33 ft/s. Minimum conductivity is >20 µS/cm. The Type 8045HT is compatible with pipe diameters of 1/2 inch to 16 inches.

Standard outputs for the Type 8045HT include pulse, relay and 4-20 mA. The menu-driven unit is operated via a three-key control pad that is part of a large, eight-character digital display; a transparent display cover ensures easy viewing of process values while offering mechanical and chemical protection. A simulation mode allows the Type 8045HT to be dry-run and adjusted before putting it into actual operation.