The Hilliard Corporation

July 16, 2004
High-performance pleated Bag Filter Cartridges
The Hilliard Corporation is proud to announce the availability of the Hilco line of high-performance pleated Bag Filter Cartridges. This newest offering is part of Hilliard's complete line of industrial filter cartridges.

Hilco's Bag Filter Cartridges are intended to increase the filtration efficiency of existing bag filter housings, while reducing labor and other associated costs of frequent bag change-outs. Each cartridge is designed with an external o-ring that seals on the inside diameter of the basket, eliminating traditional bag bypassing concerns. The cartridge's synthetic filter media and epoxy-coated steel screen facilitate usage in a variety of fluid applications, including water, chemicals and petroleum.

The Hilco Bag Filter Cartridges fit standard-size #1 and #2 filter baskets.  They are available in a wide range of micron retention ratings and dirt-holding capacities.  Like all Hilco filters, they are designed to be environmentally friendly with a long service life. The Hilco Bag Filter Cartridges have a large, usable surface area, a nylon outer ambient, polyurethane molded ends, and a maximum recommended differential of 20 psid.