ITT Industries

Aug. 10, 2005
Introducing the new Powerlock connectors

The Powerlock connector series for field-installable power distribution systems is available from ITT Industries, Cannon. Equipped for the most severe operating conditions, the connector range provides a high level of safety and reliability.

The Powerlock connectors use a bayonet mating method and come in four standard formats: panel source, panel drain, line source and line drain. Source connectors are supplied with a male contact that incorporates a rigid finger-proof nose and a slot for the secondary locking pin. Drain connectors include a female contact with a spring-loaded finger-proof nose and an O-ring. Line or panel connectors support cable attachment or panel mounting, respectively.

All of the Powerlock series connectors are rated to 3000V (max) and are available in 400A and 660A versions. Designed to withstand harsh environments, the connectors provide IP67-rated sealing, shock protection to levels specified by IP2X, and operation beyond a -30 to +125ºC temperature range.

The connector range supports contact termination sizes from 25 to 300mm2. The line source connectors use either screw or crimp termination for the 400A and 660A versions, respectively. The panel drain and line drain connectors use an insulator fitted with a spring-loaded secondary locking pin. Panel receptacles come fully assembled with contacts. An M12 nut and spring washer are also supplied, which fit loosely onto the contact.

Housed in a high temperature thermoplastic shell, the Powerlock series is rated for flammability to UL94-V0 and available in a range of colors: green, black, red, blue, yellow, brown, grey and white.