Aug. 10, 2005
DeltaFlow® 2.0 ultrapure water system

Ionics, Incorporated has introduced the DeltaFlow® 2.0 system for producing ultrapure water without the use of hazardous ion exchange regeneration chemicals.  This unique system combines three membrane separation technologies, Reverse Osmosis (RO), GTM® membrane degasification unit and Electrodeionization (EDI), in a space-efficient design for continuous production of ultrapure water.

DeltaFlow 2.0 offers significant improvements over the original DeltaFlow system, which was originally introduced in 1997 and is currently operating in over 40 water plants worldwide. DeltaFlow 2.0 features a new GTM module design with larger, more efficient contactors that can be configured to produce water containing less than 5 ppb dissolved oxygen.  It also utilizes improved RO membranes and an enhanced EDI system design with 50 GPM membrane modules, which can produce less than 10 ppb Silica and eliminate the need for mixed bed polishing resins.

DeltaFlow 2.0 is equipped for remote monitoring capability and transmission of key operational parameters.  The updated design also includes redundant critical components, including back-up high pressure pumps for unsurpassed reliability. 

DeltaFlow 2.0 can be provided as a self-contained system in a weatherized housing or as individual components for a custom-built installation.  It is offered under build-own-operate contracts with guaranteed water quality and quantity along with the Ionics exclusive SecureTech program, which ensures that a user can readily meet any challenge of changing water requirements.