April 12, 2005
HIH-4000 series humidity sensors introduced
Honeywell has announced the availability of the HIH-4000 series of humidity sensors. The HIH-4000 series of sensors delivers instrumentation-quality relative humidity sensing performance in a competitively priced, solderable single in-line package (SIP).Applications for HIH-4000 series sensors include weather stations; environmental test chambers; moisture leak detection; instrumentation and test equipment; humidistats/HVAC; industrial controls; copiers, printers, and other office equipment; home appliances; and medical devices. The thermoset sensing polymer provides better resistance than typical thermoplastic polymers and also allows the sensor to be cleaned. The HIH's chemical resistivity and survival under saturation make the sensor a good choice for many harsh environments.“The HIH-4000 offers on-board signal conditioning, which sets it apart from other available products,” said Honeywell product manager Thomas Rhode. “On-board signal conditioning requires fewer electronic support devices.”The HIH-4000 package features a recessed die which promotes better handling protection. The die is a next generation Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) chip with a nitride passivation layer and integral light “shield” to reduce light sensitivity. The sensor's laser-trimmed interchangeability virtually eliminates the need for calibration. The low current draw makes the HIH-4000 often ideal for low drain, battery operated systems, and the fast response time enables its use in instrumentation-grade equipment.