George Fischer

April 19, 2005
H2O Type 374 valve introduced
George Fischer, Inc. has introduced the economical H2O Type 374 Valve designed specifically to provide superior performance in water applications.  NSF 61 certified for potable water applications, the new true union valve offers a number of safety and convenience features in a compact size that affords a cost-effective solution with space-saving economies.Available in sizes 3/8”– 4 inches, the H2O valve is manufactured with a PVC body and PTFE/Polyethylene blended ballseat, offering excellent corrosion resistance.  Designed with a short lay length of just 3.58 inches (3/8-2-inch sizes), this efficiently packaged valve offers a new solution for piping designs where space is at a premium.  Its compact size, combined with lightweight construction, make installation a snap.“Since this valve was designed and manufactured to perform specifically for water, it offers outstanding value in terms of both quality and price.  It's extremely price competitive in highly competitive markets such as the swimming pool industry, while offering the robust qualities of a typical GF branded ball valve for water/waste water applications,” said Tom Carlson, George Fischer Product Manager.The H2O valve incorporates a safeblock ball seat and blow-out proof stem with double stem seals for complete operator protection and safety.  The valve handle, which doubles as a spanner wrench, can be used to adjust or remove the seat carrier, providing easy disassembly and convenience.  And its high impact handle construction provides durable, reliable service under rugged conditions.  Stem “flat” indicators allow the operator to determine valve position with a quick glance. Performance characteristics include 225 psi pressure rating (socket ends), and 150 psi pressure rating (threaded ends.  A 10,000+ cycle life ensures high reliability for long service life.  The new valve meets 12454-B per ASTM D 1784 standards and comes equipped with threaded and socket end connectors for sizes 3/8 - 2 inches,and socket end connectors for 2-1/2-4-inch sizes.