Jan. 1, 2005
“Fresh Air Supreme” particulate and activated carbon filter introduced

Airguard has introduced a combination particulate and activated carbon filter that provides long-lasting odor control in a broad range of commercial and industrial environments. 

“Fresh Air Supreme” uses a unique, chemically-enhanced carbon to remove odors and compounds that elude ordinary carbon filters, including diesel fumes, mercaptans, sulphurous odors, construction material outgassing, hydrogen sulfide, acid gases and VOCs. 

Unlike conventional activated carbon that relies exclusively on physical adsorption, the media used in the Fresh Air Supreme filter captures odors through both chemical reaction and adsorption.  A greater media area, and higher carbon content per square meter further enhance the filter's performance, versatility and service life. 

The media for the Fresh Air Supreme is self-supporting and doesn't require a metal backing to shape the pleats.  A metal-free design simplifies disposal.  Fresh Air Supreme filters are available in 2” and 4” thicknesses. 

Airguard markets more than 10,000 individual products in 55 countries.