Feb. 10, 2005
Cole-Parmer introduces new line of ultrasonic flowmeters
Cole-Parmer Instrument Company has introduced a new line of ultrasonic flowmeters for lab and pilot-scale applications. Using the non-invasive ultrasonic measurement principle, these meters are ideal for handling aggressive fluids and slurries or fluids that have entrained air.Because ultrasonic flowmeters use no moving parts, they are maintenance free and produce no pressure drop. The wetted material consists of a one-piece PFA (a chemically inert fluoropolymer) tube with a small, external sensor/transducer package that can be remote-mounted for inclusion in compact systems. Line sizes range from 1/16-in. to 1/2-in. tube diameter. Measurement range for liquid flow is 0.001 to 4.8 GPM (5 to 18,000 mL/min) with an accuracy of ±2% of full scale.Cole-Parmer offers a lab-scale unit and a pilot-scale unit, both featuring a panel-mount display/transmitter. They also come standard with a current, voltage, or pulse output that can be used with a remote datalogger or monitoring system. Adjustable alarm set points are available on some units. The lab-scale version includes a USB connection for set-up and data collection through a computer.