Digital pH Sensors with ISM Technology Help to Reduce Maintenance Costs

Sept. 27, 2007

The digital InPro sensors with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) combine sensor performance with a lower cost of ownership. With their diagnostics features, ISM measurement systems help to reduce the maintenance costs and to better manage all key aspects of sensor maintenance. Because extensive status data is available on each specific sensor, the user can make better informed decisions about maintenance and troubleshooting. With the additional convenience and ease of use of digital communication, you can concentrate on other tasks while your analytical loops run smoothly.

Available on a broad range of Mettler-Toledo Ingold sensors, the ISM technology is based on additional identification and status data stored directly in the sensor. Each sensor carries its own datasheet, calibration and diagnostics data, continuously updated and sent to the transmitter.

  • Exchange swiftly pre-calibrated sensors at the measuring point with the “Plug and Measure” functionality
  • Monitor the ageing of the sensor in real-time with the sensor wear indicator
  • Check the impedance of the reference electrode for early detection of diaphragm clogging
  • Determine when the next calibration is due with the adaptive calibration timer
  • Document digitally every measurement system with the Electronic Data Sheet

With ISM, maintenance tasks can be monitored not on a fixed-time, but on an on demand basis. Reduced maintenance costs is the result, with the upside of higher process availability.

Feature overview

  • Same sensor performance as analog sensors
  • Digital K8S connector
  • “Plug and Measure” functionality
  • Advanced sensor diagnostics
  • Predictive maintenance functions
  • Wear monitor
  • CIP/SIP counter
  • ATEX, FM compatible