Heavy-duty, Level Sensing Equipment Is Suitable for a Wide Range of Materials

May 21, 2008

Hawk Measurement announces its new Gladiator Vibration Switch Series, a heavy-duty point level switch that ensures years of operation. The level sensing arrangement used in the Vibration Smart Switch is suitable for a wide range of liquids and solids, including slurries and pelletized materials. The sensing element includes two prongs or vanes. When the prongs on the fork are free to vibrate, they are driven to their resonant frequency by piezo-ceramic elements. As the level of the material rises, movement of the fork is blocked. The electronics in the unit sense this change and produce an output, which can be used for indication or control.

This type of switch is suitable for many situations requiring level detection, including pump control, high or low-level alarms and detection of an interface between two different materials. Typical industrial uses include pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, mining/metals, water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing and refining.

A remote amplifier option is also available. The probe can be separated from the amplifier by up to 500 meters. A high temperature extension allows the unit to handle process temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius. There are a number of Smart communications options, including GosHawk, DeviceNet, Modbus, HART, and Profibus DP. There is also a remote GSM connection option. Any authorized user with a standard modem and GosHawk software can dial in and calibrate, test or check on the performance of the unit from anywhere in the world.

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