Flash Drying Machine Yields Positive Results for Large- and Small-Scale Production Lines

July 11, 2008

The Hosokawa Micron Drymeister Model DMR-1 is one of the latest advancements in flash drying technology. This machine is available in a wide range of sizes from pilot to large-scale production with evaporation rates as high as 6,000 kg/h. 

The machine's design and its high-speed dispersion rotor in combination with utilization of classifying rotor yields remarkable drying efficiency. Features include the ability to handle a wide range of feed viscosities, from slurries to pastes to filter cakes. The machine maintains excellent dispersion of solids for efficient drying and high inlet gas temperatures up to 600°C.

Additional features of Hosokawa Micron Drymeister Model DMR-1: Minimal product build-up on internals, minimal product re-agglomeration, can dry products as fine as 250nm and high evaporation rates. Closed-loop systems can also be designed using inert gas or superheated steam to dry explosive materials, heat sensitive materials and foods.