Low-Cost Software Turns a PDA into a HART Device Communicator

Aug. 13, 2008

ProComSol, Ltd. announces the DevCom2000 PDA, a full-featured HART device configuration software package for the PDA platform. This software grants access to all the features and functionality available in the HART device DD, allowing users to perform complete HART device configurations using their PDAs. This includes monitoring and editing device variables and executing all device DD methods. The software is based on the SDC-625 technology developed by the HART Communication Foundation (HCF). This technology allows full and complete access to all data in the device DD.

Features of the DevComm2000 PDA Smart Communicator Software include:

  • Low-cost software that turns a PDA into a HART device communicator. The PDA configures, monitors and communicates with instrumentation and controls. 
  • Software that also works with wireless modems and technology. A complete line of software and HART modems (bluetooth, explosion-proof and battery powered) is also available from ProComSol.
  • A complete brochure, a technical data sheet and a user manual.

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