Seated Butterfly Valves Target Corrosive Applications

April 22, 2009

Bray Controls has designed a line of 22" to 96" (550 mm to 2400 mm) resilient, seated butterfly valves specifically for highly abrasive and corrosive applications. These valves are said to meet process requirements with chloride content from low to very high parts per million in applications such as seawater, mining, sanitary service and FGD at an economical price.

The internal disc-to-stem connections prevent many valve failures due to erosion, corrosion and vibration. The splined disc-to-stem connection features matched, precision machined male splines in the stem and female in the disc, and it is available in valve sizes ranging from 22" to 48" (550 mm to 1200 mm). For larger valves from 52" to 96" (1300 mm to 2400 mm), the double keyed disc-to-stem connection offers double keyways machined into the disc, matching double keys in the stem.

In addition to delivering this exceptional product design, Bray has a proven record of success in selecting, designing and manufacturing economical, superior quality materials for severe applications.