Guided Wave Radar Transmitter Eliminates Accuracy Errors

July 14, 2009

Emerson Process Management has introduced a new option for its Rosemount 5300 Series of High Performance Guided Wave Radar (GWR) level transmitters. The Dynamic Vapor Compensation (DVC) option is said to eliminate accuracy errors associated with varying pressure and/or temperature that occur in vessels where steam vapor is present. The greater accuracy achieved, combined with no moving parts or calibration requirements, can improve overall plant efficiency and reduce maintenance costs for operators in a range of processing industries including oil and gas production, chemical plants and power generation, according to the company.

The DVC option, which comprises of a probe with built-in reflector and software, is corrosion-resistant, offers improved safety with gastight dual seal, has no moving parts and is maintenance-free.  Designed for challenging level and interface measurements on liquids, slurries and solids, the 5300 series GWR transmitters are virtually unaffected by process conditions and have almost no installation requirements.

The DVC uses a reference reflector at a fixed distance on a rigid single probe to measure the vapor dielectric. This measurement is then used to automatically compensate for vapor dielectric changes resulting in a final accuracy of within 2% (compared with up to 30% Specific Gravity error in density-based level measurements or up to 20% for GWR if no compensation is made). The types of applications where this measurement is required include boilers, de-aerators, boiler feed water heaters and steam-drums.