Optical Gas Monitor Provides Real-Time Scanning

Sept. 2, 2009
Precisive introduces a new generation of automated, multi-gas industrial monitors for process automation based on its unique Tunable Filter Spectroscopy (TFS) technology.  The OXS-3100 series is designed for measurement levels in the ppm to percent range, while the OXS-4100 is used for sub-ppm ranges.  Both systems provide real-time, optical scanning of multiple compounds in gas flows and processes.  Their networked capability and factory calibration is said to allow for easy installation and remote operation in industrial environments.  New standard configurations include the OXS-4100-103 for sub-ppm monitoring of trace impurities (CO, CO2, hydrocarbons and moisture) in atmospheric gases, and the OXS-3100-113 for percent level monitoring and speciation of hydrocarbons (C1 – C4 alkanes) with THC measurement. The automated, low-maintenance, and zero-recalibration features of the OXS product line enable operations organizations to eliminate the cost of skilled labor, consumables and manual operation for their gas process monitoring requirements, according to the company.

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