Regulators And Switchovers Handle Corrosive Gases

July 9, 2012
Units are impregnated with proprietary SilcoNert 1020 technology.

Concoa has unveiled its new Series 420/430 regulators and Series 515 automatic switchovers, designed for industries using reactive and corrosive gases. They are impregnated with proprietary SilcoNert 1020 technology, a deposition process that eliminates absorption and catalytic conversion.

Suited for use with low-level reactive mixtures including hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, nitric oxide, sulfur dioxide, and reduced sulfur, the regulators and switchovers can be used in refineries, petrochemical plants, and coal and gas power plants. Applications include chromatography, beverage testing, emissions monitoring, and offshore platform systems.

The SilcoNert 1020 process developed by SilcoTek impregnates 316 stainless steel of all wetted surfaces with an amorphous silicone layer bound into the metal crystal structure. Diaphragm seals are metal-to-metal, leak integrity is 1 x 10-9, delivery pressure ranges are 0-15 through 0-500 psig, and maximum inlet pressure is 3000 psig (210 bar) or 4500 psig (310 bar) optional.

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