Pumps Feature Reverse Vane Impeller

July 9, 2012
Models are fully compliant ISO 2858 and ISO 5199 criteria.

Flowserve has expanded its range of chemical process pumps to include the Durco Mark 3 ISO models with fully compliant ISO 2858 (dimensional) and ISO 5199 (design) criteria. The products offer flows to 6160 gpm, heads to 720 feet and operating temperatures from 112 degrees below zero to 752 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Durco Mark 3 ISO pump is available in 45 sizes, plus many designs, configurations and material combinations. It also features a heavy-duty casing, large radial and thrust bearings and SealSentry seal chamber and a wide range of impeller options.

It features a "reverse vane" impeller, which provides repeatable pump performance and cost-effective maintenance through a back pullout design, two-piece bearing housing, micrometer-style impeller adjustment mechanism and high degree of parts interchangeability.

Each Durco Mark 3 ISO pump is supplied with the new IPS Beacon condition monitoring unit. Mounted on the bearing housing, this battery-powered device provides a clear visual indication if temperature or vibration levels exceed pre-set limits.

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