Pumps Include No Seals Or Valves

July 17, 2012
New models designed to handle changes in fluid pressure, viscosity and solids content.

Watson-Marlow Pumps has launched the Qdos 30, a new line of pumps capable of delivering 5,000:1 flow from 0.002 to 8.0 gph at 100 psi while integrating through IP66 manual, analog, and PROFIBUS control options.

Featuring ReNu pumphead technology, the pumps provide accurate, linear and repeatable flow performance from 0.002 to 8.0 gph at 100 psi, even when pressure, viscosity and solids content vary.

The Qdos 30 Universal+ is the premium model in the new range, while four other variants are available. Applications include disinfection and pH adjustment of drinking water and industrial process water; flocculation; industrial cooling water preparation; and reagent dosing in mineral processing.

With no seals or valves in the flow path to clog, leak or corrode, a wide range of caustic or abrasive fluids can be handled safely and securely. Advanced control features include fluid level monitoring, fluid recovery, line priming and intuitive flow calibration.

Flexibility in pumphead configuration enables installation in restricted environments or on skids, while a sealed design and fluid recovery reduce waste and add to operator safety. The pump is operated by a menu-driven interface with a 3.5-inch TFT color display, providing high-visibility status indication.

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