Automation Software Interfaces With Smart Phones

Aug. 28, 2012
Real-time alarms can be sent to email accounts, printers or Smart phones.

InduSoft has introduced Web Studio v7.1 HMI/SCADA software for use in discrete automation and process control, including building automation, oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical, water/wastewater, power, pulp and paper. The new version features enhanced interface capabilities for Smart phones and tablets, as well as revision control and intuitive project management.
Web Studio v7.1 HMI/SCADA provides an enhanced Studio Mobile Access (SMA) client that works with any HTML.5 web browser to display alarms, trend and critical tag values. It also adds easy-to-use widgets (gauges, switches and text boxes) to monitor and interact with process values (tags) on any current browser, including those found on iPad, iPhone (iOS Safari), Android phones and tablets.
Alarms and other information can be sent via multimedia formats, such as a PDF, to an email account, printer or Smartphone in real time, or as historical data. It connects to any SQL database, Excel and other PC-based programs, while providing a built-in interface to display trends, alarms/events, grids and other objects without SQL programming.
The InduSoft Collaboration Tool and Application Lifecycle Management option is available for an additional license. It enables users to compare any configuration file, as well as merge changes from multiple developers. This option also offers support for source control, and interaction via Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server for lifecycle management.

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