Regulators Reduce Media Leakage

Sept. 12, 2012
New diaphragm provides accuracy and pressure regulation.

Rotork Fairchild has unveiled its new line of high-pressure regulators, which are constructed with the company's new diaphragm design to provide better accuracy and pressure regulation, especially with fluctuating supply pressures. A patent-pending valve seat sealing technology also reduces media leakage.

Made with 316 stainless steel, these units are available in the “HPD” diaphragm-style unit capable of 6,000-psi [413-bar] supply pressures and in the “HPP” piston style regulator for supply pressures up to 10,000 psi [689 bar]. HPD units have standard Inconel diaphragms and can accurately regulate pressures down to 25 psi output.

The HPD comes with a variety of polymer valve seats for media temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and supply pressure requirements from 3,500 psi [241 Bar] up to 6,000 psi [413 Bar]. The all-stainless HPP handles temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and supplies pressures to 10,000 psi [689 bar].

Both the HPD and HPP are available with ¼-inch ports in either two- or four-port configurations and multiple output pressure ranges. Standard knobs can also be replaced with tamper-proof caps for high-temperature and/or non-adjustment applications. The regulators can be mounted by the ports, the bottom face or as a panel mount arrangement.

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