Tank Weighing System Measures Air

Oct. 2, 2012
System is designed for tank mixing, dosing level and batch-related applications.

Alfa Laval introduces a new weighing system technology for tank mixing, dosing level, or batch-related applications in the biopharm, beverage and food industries.

The system measures tank weight based on the deformation of an air gap surrounding a capacitive sensor. Typical weighing systems rely on weight or force applied directly to a sensor.

Alfa Laval weighing systems are non-contact and are designed for a more consistent and accurate measurement of weight. The systems are designed for more durability since force is not applied directly to the sensor.

The non-contact sensor also helps to absorb higher shocks and overloads of up to 1000%, compared to 200% with typical systems. Each weighing system weighs tanks up to 220,000 pounds, and can be set to an accuracy level of .025% of full scale. Other accuracy level settings include – 2%, 0.1%, and 0.05%.

The sensor design and digital platform allow for both horizontal and vertical tank forces to be weighed without additional tank equipment, such as tank balancers.

The digital platform also allows for easier installation, as the weighing systems do not require expensive mounting brackets or time-consuming recalibration. Standard coaxial cables can be cut or replaced without recalibration, for even faster and easier installation. All weighing systems are factory calibrated and matched to every individual vat and product.

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