LED Emergency Light Withstands Rust And Corrosive Conditions

Oct. 16, 2012
LED emergency light provides 90 minutes of illumination in the event that standard operating power is abnormally cut.

Larson Electronics' Lxlite.com introduces an explosion-proof LED emergency light designed to withstand wet and corrosive conditions. Ruggedly built to resist the effects of rust and corrosion, the HALP-EMG-48-2L-LED Explosion Proof LED Emergency Light provides instant and automatic emergency lighting operation in the event of power failures. This LED emergency light provides a safety measure for hazardous locations and 90 minutes of illumination in the event that standard operating power is abnormally cut.

The Halp-emg-48-2l-led emergency LED light performs the same function of a normal explosion-proof light with the safety and reliability of a built-in battery backup system.  Two T8 style LED tube lamps included with this fixture provide a total of 5,900 lumens of white light for illumination of work areas, walkways, storage areas and any location where less-reliable fluorescent fixtures are traditionally used.

These explosion-proof LED lights were designed for resistance to wet and corrosive conditions with a polyester housing reinforced with glass fiber and a poured in gasket sealing an impact resistant acrylic diffuser. Stainless-steel latches provide added protection against corrosion and secure the lamp cover to the housing to prevent drips and water intrusion.

During normal operation the fixture operates from standard 120-277 VAC current. In the event of a power failure, the fixture automatically switches to the battery backup system, which will power a single lamp for a safety standards required minimum of 90 minutes. Once power has been restored, the unit automatically recharges the onboard battery, thus keeping the unit ready for emergency operation at all times.

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