Thermogravimetric Analyzer Measures Up to 50 Million Resolution Points

Dec. 11, 2012
Sample types can be measured in succession.

Mettler Toledo’s thermogravimetric analyzer TGA 1 is a highly sensitive analyzer offers simplified characterization of plastics, elastomers, thermosets and many more materials. The TGA 1 thermogravimetric analyzer measures up to 50 million resolution points continuously down to 0.1 µg for a 5 gram sample weight.

The unit requires no weight range change when switching between small and large sample sizes, so a wide variety of sample types can be measured in succession. The TGA 1 also features a Mettler Toledo balance cell. Internal calibration ring weights built into the unit’s micro and ultra-micro balances help manufacturers characterize materials with a very high degree of accuracy. This provides information required to ensure heat- and moisture-sensitive materials will perform as expected in their final context, helping to shorten manufacturing lead times, enhance product consistency, and reduce liability and rework.

The TGA 1’s modular design increases its flexibility and ease-of-use. Efficient automation for 24/7 sample handling and a variety of furnace/crucible sizes help broaden the TGA 1’s application range. Also, an ability to handle temperatures from ambient to 1,100 degrees Celsius provides a complete thermal analysis in a single-step process. Results may then be analyzed quickly using Star software and reporting.

In addition, a horizontal furnace design minimizes possible turbulence caused by thermal buoyancy and purge gas, while a gastight cell that can be purged with a defined gas atmosphere offers unambiguous information and quality results.

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