Conveyor Belt Cleaner Utilizes Spiral Brush to Remove Dry Materials

Dec. 26, 2012
Unit is suitable for belts that use raised elements to assist in carrying material.

Martin Engineering has released a new powered brush cleaner for conveyor belt applications. The spiral-brush belt cleaner features a rotating design that removes material accumulation and dust in difficult applications. The unit is suitable for belts that use raised elements (cleats, chevrons, ribs or lugs) to assist in carrying material.

The unit includes a 230/460-volt, 3-phase electric motor. A 1-hp motor powers the units for 18-inch to 42-inch belts, and a 2-hp motor drives the cleaners for 48-inch to 96-inch belts. The motor can be operated in either direction, and the unit can be installed on the left or right side of the cleaner, depending on the plant’s requirements.

The belt cleaner contains durable-steel and stainless-steel components. Two bristle pattern options are available to accommodate materials with a range of moisture contents.  For both models, standard polypropylene bristles offer an operating temperature range of -20º Fahrenheit to 180º Fahrenheit (-29º Celsius to 82º Celsius), and optional bristles are available for higher temperatures. 

The cleaner bristles that are wrapped in a spiral pattern, cleaning dry materials that can cling and cause buildup on the shaft of conventional brush cleaners. The standard .038-inch (0.96-mm) diameter bristles are 4-inches (102-mm) long. Developed for belts carrying dusty or crumbled materials that readily release from bristles, the spiral design is also available in low-profile versions and wider constructions for especially challenging applications. 

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