Flow Meter Handles Pressures Up to 5,000 PSI

Dec. 27, 2012
Meter has ATEX Ex IIC TI-T6 certification.

Tricor’s 28K TCM Coriolis flow meter is available in Hastelloy. This 1-inch meter is the first in the series to be made available in Hastelloy, with more flow meter sizes to follow in the coming year. The new material opens a broader application range for this product family, including chemical injection, blending and batching and chemical processing.

The 28K flow meter can handle up to 5,000 psi with accuracies of 0.10 percent for Liquid and 0.50 percent for gas. Currently the meter has ATEX Ex IIC TI-T6 certification, with expected approval CSA/cUS Class 1 Div 1 expected February. 

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