RTD Sensor Features Fast-Response Copper Tip

May 28, 2013
Sensor is suitable for bearing temperatures on manufacturing equipment.

Omega Engineering’s PR25CU RTD sensor incorporates a copper tip which provides an improved heat transfer path between the sensing element and the process conditions allowing for reduced response times and better temperature tracking.

This becomes especially important in applications where the sensor has little exposure to the item being measured such as in thermowells and bearing temperatures. The M12 connector provides a secure connection for all types of applications. The probe can be ordered straight or with mounting threads of 1⁄2, 3⁄8 or 1⁄4 NPT. The probe is also offered in a metric millimeter size and M8x1 and M10x1 mounting threads. The sensor is suitable for bearing temperatures on manufacturing equipment and for automotive and manufacturing plants as well as test and measurement and R&D.

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