TPR Tubing is Available in Industrial and FDA Grades

July 2, 2013
Tubing is flexible and durable like rubber but typically lighter weight and more formable.

New Age Industries manufactures Suprene thermoplastic rubber (TPR) tubing in two hardnesses – Shore 64A and 80A – and in two grades: FDA and industrial. The tubing’s applications include food and beverage transfer, flavor and additive dispensing, fluid transfer in appliances, chemical lines, pharmaceutical processing, agriculture and lawn equipment, ink transfer and paint spray systems.

The tubing is flexible and durable like rubber but typically lighter weight and more formable. It provides resistance to flex fatigue and tearing and offers a wide range of temperature use (from -60 degrees Fahrenheit to 275 degrees Fahrenheit /-51 degrees Celsius to 135 degrees Celsius). As with many TPRs it was designed to exhibit good compression characteristics and may be used as peristaltic pump tubing.

NewAge manufactures Suprene in two grades to meet various application requirements. FDA grade is available in two hardnesses – 64A and 80A. It is a natural tan color and suitable for most clean needs, such as food and beverage or pharmaceuticals. The National Sanitation Foundation lists the 80A material for use with food equipment materials (NSF-51).

Black-colored industrial grade is available in 64A durometer. This formulation offers resistance to U.V. radiation, ozone, and other chemicals and works well outdoors. Suprene is made in the U.S. at NewAge’s solar-powered facility and is stocked for same-day shipment in sizes ranging from 1/8-of-an-inch through ¾-of-an-inch I.D. Other durometers and sizes, colors, overbraiding, and cut-to-length pieces are available on a custom basis. NewAge also stocks fittings and clamps to enable the attachment of Suprene to equipment and devices.