Temperature Controller Series is Available in Two PID Sets

July 12, 2013
Controllers offer a high level of I/O, with six outputs available and up to four digital inputs.

The new Pro Series of temperature controllers from West Control Solutions offer customers additional control in challenging applications. The key to the enhanced capability of the Pro Series is that all three units in the range -- the Pro-4, Pro-8 and Pro-16 -- provide two PID sets rather than the one typically found on alternative controllers.  This allows the user to tune for accurate control for a wide range of set points or various products with different thermal characteristics.

The Pro Series controllers offer a high level of I/O, with six outputs available and up to four digital inputs, plus an in-built profiler for a varied set point at each process stage. The Pro Series allows users to customize the menus, potentially speeding up manual control by making frequently used functions available at a keystroke. 

The result is complex temperature control capability that can be accessed by any member of the workforce. Capability is further enhanced by the configuration and simulation software, BlueControl, which allows a test configuration to be carried out locally on a PC.

Typical applications include industrial ovens and furnaces, chiller and refrigeration systems and particularly plastics and rubber extrusion applications where processes such as non-linear cooling, heater current input and boost functions are commonly required.

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