Mobile Diagnostics Manage Control Valves on Fieldbus Network

July 12, 2013
ValveLink Mobile 4.0 provides greater plantwide access to control valve status.

Emerson Process Management’s ValveLink mobile software version 4.0 introduces mobile management of control valves on a Foundation fieldbus network. Available on 475 Field Communicators, ValveLink Mobile 4.0 offers an intuitive interface featuring large touch screen icons, which allow operators to configure, calibrate, validate, diagnose and troubleshoot valves in the field.

The intrinsically safe field communicators extend ValveLink Mobile 4.0 advantages to hazardous areas where Fieldvue digital valve controllers are located. Greater plantwide access to control valve status helps improve operating reliability, while overall plant uptime may increase using troubleshooting guides embedded in ValveLink Mobile.

Designed to meet modern work practices, ValveLink Mobile 4.0 offers seamless integration of field diagnostics of HART and fieldbus instruments into the ValveLink software. ValveLink Mobile 4.0 is preinstalled on new 475 Field Communicators and can be added to existing 475 and 375 Field Communicators using the Easy Upgrade utility from Emerson.

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