Pressure Transmitters Available With High-Pressure Process Connections

July 17, 2013
AST offers pressure transmitters that operate up to 15,000 psi for hydrogen service.

American Sensor Technologies, Inc. (AST) now offers its pressure transmitters with high-pressure process connections using 316L stainless steel to enable users to integrate products that require liquid or gas compatible with 316L stainless steel, such as hydrogen, natural gas or water. The two new options – a  ¼-inch female NPT and F250C female - are available on all AST explosion-proof transmitters and can also be ordered on the AST20HA precision pressure transducer or AST20SW solid state pressure switch.

In the hydrogen industry, pressure sensors are used to monitor storage facilities that compress hydrogen gas to pressures above 10,000 psi to maximize the storage capacity. Pressure sensors employing thin-isolation diaphragms with fluid fill; however, they are often prone to hydrogen permeation with hydrogen ions penetrating the diaphragm and becoming trapped in the fill fluid, producing hydrogen bubbles. These bubbles cause zero and span readings to change, degrading sensor performance and, over time, causing sensor failure.

AST offers pressure transmitters that operate up to 15,000 psi for hydrogen service that employ one-piece thick diaphragm 316L diaphragms, free on internal O-rings, welds or fill fluids to solve the problem of hydrogen permeation.  The new high-pressure process connections for these pressure transmitters extend the use of AST pressure transmitters to new hydrogen applications. 

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