Smart Valve Positioners Help Processing Facilities Comply with Emissions Regulations

July 25, 2013
Positioners are suitable for both new valve installations and retrofitting existing valves.

Badger Meter introduced its Research Control SRD series of smart valve positioners, which help process industry facilities comply with recent fugitive emissions regulations. Badger Meter also released the Research Control SRI series of analog valve positioners.

The SRD 960 (explosion-proof) and SRD 991 (intrinsically safe) digital valve positioners provide solutions for industries such as chemical, petrochemical, water and wastewater, oil and gas, food and beverage and pharmaceutical. An optional base model, the SRI 990, provides analog valve control with fast control behavior. The positioner’s control boards can be swapped out to upgrade from an SRI to an SRD.

The SRD/SRI positioners are compatible with Research Control valves and most other pneumatically actuated valves. The positioners are suitable for both new valve installations and retrofitting existing valves. The SRD/SRI can be used to reduce the adverse effects of on-line valve friction, enabling higher thrust and shorter positioning time. Optional limit switches can also be added to stroke or rotary actuators to serve as end positions.

A key feature of the SRD is its comprehensive valve diagnostics tool, which continuously monitors for fugitive emissions due to leaks and other unintended or irregular releases of gases, to help process plants meet the ANSI/FCI 91-1 standard and comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emissions guidelines. By early detection of fugitive emissions via SRD's leak monitoring, process plants can immediately schedule maintenance to minimize potential air pollution from their facilities and avoid fines.

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