BTU Meter/Energy Meter Suitable for Energy Transfer and Heating/Cooling Systems

Aug. 27, 2013
Meter measures energy flow in heating/cooling loops, solar heating systems and process applications.

Clark introduces its CS-EM BTU meter/energy meter, designed to measure energy flow in heat exchange loops in HVAC, solar, geothermal and process systems. Applications include energy monitoring for equipment and system performance evaluation, sub-metering and allocation of energy use in multi-tenant and district energy systems. 

Models are available in pipe sizes ranging from ¾-inch to 10 inches and feature accuracy in conformance with standard EN 1434-1. A factory-matched pair of RTD temperature sensors accurately report temperature difference and Clark's ultrasonic flow sensor measures flow to 0.75 percent F.S. accuracy.

CS-EM is a complete energy meter factory calibrated to NIST standards. A scaled pulse output is provided and can be configured to report volume flow rate, mass flow rate or unit of energy. Modbus RS485 communications provide an interface with building automation and monitoring systems. The meters feature non-volatile memory that records both flow and energy loss/gain.

A flow sensor with integral RTD and a remote RTD installed in a return pipe measure heating and cooling energy, which are totaled in separate registers.  These values can be communicated via the Modbus Master to building automation or monitoring systems. A data logger module with Ethernet communications and additional interfaces are available.

The CS-EM requires no special software to set the desired communication parameters.  It can be done at the factory or from the user's Modbus master over the RS-485 network. Standalone commissioning can be done via PC serial port and commissioning software is offered as a free download from

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