Dispensing System Provides Valveless Micro-Volume Fluid Control for Catheter Manufacturing

Sept. 25, 2013
Pump head internals are made from chemically resistant, sapphire-hard ceramics.

The PDS-100 from Fluid Metering Inc. is a solution for high precision, micro-volume production dispensing of fluids used in the manufacture and assembly of medical catheters, stents and blood tubes. The PDS-100 is a programmable fluid metering and dispensing system that integrates Fluid Metering’s patented CeramPump valveless pump technology with precision, programmable drive motor control.

The pump head internals are made from chemically resistant, sapphire-hard ceramics, suitable for dispensing a broad range of fluids. Saline, silicone lubricant, isopropyl alcohol and antibacterial agents, as well as UV curable adhesives, cyclohexanone solvent and two-part epoxies are fluids typically utilized in catheter assembly and easily handled by the PDS-100.

The PDS-100 is available in both single and dual pump head configurations. For duplex configurations, the displacement and speed of each pump head can be individually controlled, suitable for proportional mixing and diluting. Duplex configurations can also provide two-channel dispensing, potentially doubling production capacity at a lower cost than using two individual dispensers.

In both single and dual channel configurations, pump heads are integrally mounted to the control unit which includes precision stepper motors and controls, housed in a rugged, anodized aluminum enclosure.

The PDS-100 utilizes Fluid Metering’s patented CeramPump pumping principle. One moving part, a rotating and reciprocating ceramic piston, accomplishes all fluid control functions in the pump, thereby eliminating check valves and their associated failure and maintenance issues. The PDS-100 can dispense from 3 uL per dispense up to 2 L/min continuous flow at 1 percent precision or better.

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