Mobile Plant Intelligence Solution Includes Image Capture Markup Capabilities

Jan. 14, 2014
Dynamic asset assignment and image capture features help manage field operations.

Invensys has released a new version of its Wonderware IntelaTrac product offering. This new release was designed to help organizations improve production efficiency and productivity with two key features focused on accessing operating information for decision support. 

This release delivers new functions referred to as dynamic asset assignment and image capture markup. Dynamic asset assignment allows for the configuration of task groups and tasks within Procedure Builder to allow for the field assignment of the asset instead of needing to create a separate procedure for each asset beforehand. This is suitable for maintenance inspections.

The second new feature is in the area of image capture, with the ability to annotate and markup the image at the job site. As found, as left or any other note can be captured and saved for further review and analysis.

IntelaTrac is composed of configurable software that enables business process workflow, data collection and general task management for plant operations, maintenance management, production tracking and compliance applications. Combined with ruggedized mobile hardware solutions, enterprises have a comprehensive plant intelligence solution that connects all of their wired and stranded assets.

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