Sliding Motor Base Automatically Maintains Belt Tension

April 16, 2014
Quick-release option allows belt-change in about one-third normal time.

Emerson Process Management introduces the Browning Tenso-set series 600 horizontal sliding motor base with optional quick release. The base automatically maintains belt tension for extended periods and allows for belt changes in minutes. Available for NEMA motor frame sizes 56 to 286 and IEC equivalents, the base reduces service visits for re-tensioning and can help maintain efficiency by preventing belt slippage. The design is a drop-in replacement for standard motor bases.

The new base operates like a standard motor base, utilizing a jackscrew to adjust and hold tension on the belt. But the new design includes a coil spring inside the screw housing that pushes against the carriage to maintain tension as the belt wears or seats itself further into the sheave groove.

In addition, the QR option for the base allows release of all belt tension after a few turns of the tensioning screw. Browning Series 600 horizontal motor mounts feature heavy steel construction. They can fit NEMA frame sizes 56 to 286 and IEC equivalents. Emerson can produce custom sizes to application requirements.

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