Water Jet System Increases Operator Protection

July 10, 2014
NLB Corp. introduced the Automated Remote Manipulator (ARM).

The Automated Remote Manipulator (ARM) from NLB Corp. is a semi-automated water jet system that increases operator protection while reducing downtime.  It lets an operator manipulate a variety of accessories from a climate-controlled cab, using joystick controls to position them and to start and stop the flow of high-pressure water (up to 40,000 psi, or 2,760 bar, at 600 hp).

With specialized tooling mounted on the arm of a mini excavator, the ARM handles applications as diverse as shellside tube bundle cleaning and hydrodemolition.  Its quick-connect system makes it easy to change accessories, such as NLB’s SPIN JET and SPIN-NOZZLE heads..

The ARM has a vertical reach of about 12 feet and a horizontal reach of about 17 feet, with a wide water jet pattern to maximize coverage.  This allows the operator to stay out of the action, reducing risk and eliminating the fatigue of manual water jetting and the possibility of inconsistent results from operators with different skill levels.

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