Differential Pressure Transmitter Offers Reliability In Tight Spaces

Jan. 2, 2015
SOR Controls Group, Ltd. introduced the 815DT smart differential pressure transmitter.

SOR Controls Group, Ltd. introduced the 815DT, a loop powered, microprocessor based differential pressure transmitter offering a configurable single-pole, single-throw, normally open solid-state relay. The configurable solid-state relay provides a discrete output signal for signaling, control and emergency shutdown functions. It features communications capabilities with HART7 communication protocol and Modbus RTU serial communications protocol (RS-485). The 815DT is compact, lightweight, rugged and explosion proof rated. It is suitable for hazardous locations and hostile environments. Ranges available include: 0-138 in H2O, 0-415 in H2O, 0-50 psid, 0-100 psid, 0-300 psid and 0-500 psid.

The 815DT joins the recently introduced 815PT and 805QS in addition to the original 805PT. The 800 series pressure transmitters are designed for applications where space is tight.