Sensata DRMS Series Hybrid Motor Starters Extend Motor Life

Nov. 25, 2019
Sensata’s slim 22.5mm hybrid motor starters extend motor life and save space.

Expanding on its extensive product line for motion control applications, Sensata Technologies releases the Crydom DRMS Series hybrid motor starters. The new hybrid starters integrate the benefits of both solid state and electromechanical relay technologies to produce a compact device that can control electrical power delivery to motors as large as 4kW, according to the company. Suitable applications range from access control, packaging equipment, lifts and escalators to industrial process control and machine tooling systems.

Unlike many motor starters of similar size, the DRMS Series offers features such as soft start, soft stop and an internal mains disconnect relay in case of a fault. The starter’s soft start/soft stop function reportedly allows for the gradual increase or decrease of power control, thereby extending motor life.

Built-in overload protection eliminates the extra cost and space otherwise needed for an additional overload relay. Other performance characteristics include forward/reverse, adjustable settings for starting/deceleration torque, starting/deceleration ramp, nominal motor current and a convenient reset button on the front of the unit for external manual reset, according to SEnsata.

The compact 22 mm wide DIN Rail mount motor starter package features an output rating of 9 amps at 480 VAC, 24 VDC control voltage and four easy-to-see LED status indicators.

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