Endress+Hauser Launches Promag W Flowmeter

April 17, 2020
The Proline Promag W is an electromagnetic flowmeter without measuring tube restriction, resulting in reliable measurements independent of the flow profile and the mounting location.

Endress+Hauser launches its Promag W featuring the “0 x DN full bore” option, a solution for a close-knit pipeline network or obstacles in pipes. This is the first mag meter that provides maximum measuring performance without tube restriction, and thus without pressure loss, according to the company.

Promag W 300/400/500 flowmeters with the “0 x DN full bore” option measure with high accuracy (±0.5%), even directly downstream of pipe bends, T fittings or insertion devices. They are particularly suitable for installation in tight spaces, such as compact systems or skids, because they do not need any inlet or outlet runs. The Promag W (0 x DN full bore) can easily handle swirls that frequently occur downstream of obstacles such as pipe bends and insertion devices, and even those downstream of unknown obstacles such as build-up on the pipe wall, protruding seals or different inside diameters, according to the company.

The Promag W (0 x DN) features multiple measuring electrodes to detect flow. These electrodes reportedly generate a higher density of measured data than standard devices. Together with the refined signal analysis, reliable measurement results are realized in swirl conditions.  

Previously, in case of disturbances in the pipeline flow, plant operators either had to comply with the recommended inlet and outlet runs or use a device with a restricted measuring tube to condition swirls within a very short tube section. In many cases, however, sufficiently long straight pipe sections are not present, and restrictions always cause pressure loss. This leads to increased energy consumption for pump operation and, as a result, higher energy costs. The new “0 x DN full bore” option allows installation without inlet and outlet runs and without restriction, to deliver reliable measured values, flexible installation and cost-efficient measuring operation.

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