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GARO AB4000R Liquid Ring Compressor Offers Improved Efficiency

Feb. 1, 2017
Garo introduces the GARO AB4000R Liquid Ring Compressor, a new frame and expansion of the GARO two stage compressor series.

Screw Compressors Range From 75 kw to 160 kw

Aug. 15, 2013
Units utilize two-stage air-end technology.

Compressors Feature Multi-System Controllers

June 2, 2012
New controllers are intended to increase energy savings by over 30%.

Compressor Offers Power With Little Noise

July 21, 2009
Gardner Denver’s new Paradigm is ideal for applications with intermittent duty and a low noise requirement. The quiet Paradigm compressor package delivers powerful performance...

Variable-Speed Air Compressors Feature the AirSmart Control System to Minimize Costs

July 22, 2008
Gardner Denver recently expanded its line of Variable-Speed, VS series compressors with the addition of the VS 80-110 and the VS 135-170 models. These new rotary screw compressors...

EndurAir Compressor Package Offers a Built-in, Three-Stage Oil Separation System

July 22, 2008
Gardner Denver's EndurAir rotary screw air compressor package provides clean, cool, compressed air. The built-in, three-stage oil separation system minimizes oil carryover in ...

Two-Stage, Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pumps Handle Large Amounts of Liquid Carryover

Sept. 20, 2007
The Nash TC 8, TC 9 and TC 10 two-stage, liquid-ring vacuum pumps have an overall capacity of 725 to 1,200 cfm /1,230 to 2,040 m3/hr and vacuum to 0.8-in. HgA/ 27 mbar abs. The...