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GF Adds SYGEF ECTFE Piping System

Oct. 11, 2020
Piping system conveys highly aggressive media such as concentrated sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide without corrosion, even under extreme pressure and temperature conditions...

GF Piping Systems Introduces eDIASTAR 5-Series Diaphragm Valve

Aug. 6, 2020
New electric diaphragm valve offers fast cycling

ChlorFit Schedule 80 Corzan CPVC Piping System Handles Highly Aggressive Chemicals

Dec. 12, 2018
ChlorFit Schedule 80 Corzan CPVC Piping System offers option for corrosive fluid transport.

GF Piping Systems’ Signet 2751 DryLoc pH/ORP Smart Sensor Electronics Alert Users To Probe Health

Jan. 4, 2018
The sensor alerts users to probe health, including needed maintenance, glass impedance and broken glass detection.

GF Piping Systems Introduces Signet 9900 Transmitter Rear Enclosures

Aug. 9, 2016
Rear enclosures for Signet 9900-1P Transmitter mount onto pipes, walls, tanks, struts, at angles or inside panels for waterproof protection.

GF Piping Systems Introduces New Leak Detection Systems

Sept. 14, 2015
GF Piping Systems introduces three new leak detection systems.

Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer Measures Residual Chlorine Dioxide Levels

Jan. 26, 2014
New flow switch kit can be installed into the analyzer. to prevent chemical dosing when the flow is shut off.

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Offers Expanded Communication Capabilities

Oct. 22, 2013
Operating capabilities feature a measurement range of 0 to 20 mg/L, 0 to 200 percent saturation.

Metering Ball Valve Provides Flow Control For Various Chemical Processes

Oct. 15, 2012
New series incorporates a number of features that include improved flow control, simplified actuation, new scale and display and large material range for application versatility...

Metering Ball Valve Controls Flow

Aug. 28, 2012
New design features V-notch ball with 180-degree turn rotation capability.

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Transmitters Offer Single-Channel Interface

Jan. 31, 2012
Parameters include flow, pH, ORP, conductivity/resistivity, pressure, temperature, level, and salinity.

High-Flow Diaphragm Valve Designed for Improved Flow Performance And Reduced Energy Consumption

June 30, 2010
GF Piping Systems has introduces the Type 514-519 high-flow diaphragm valve series for weir style valves. The new valve features a turbulence-free flow geometry that offers increased...

Flowmeter Is Suitable For Long-Distance Transmission

March 4, 2010
Signet 8550 meters convert the signal from a Signet flow sensor into a 4 mA to 20 mA signal for long-distance transmission. Features include single- or dual-input/output, two ...

Flow Sensor Permits Hot-Tap Access To The Pipe Stream

Jan. 14, 2010
GF Piping Systems has expanded its Signet Metal Magmeter family to include the Model 2552-3 configuration. The 2552-3 is a rugged insertion flow sensor that permits hot-tap access...

Large Butterfly Valve Features An Off-Center Shaft

Nov. 4, 2009
GF Piping Systems recently announced expansion of its large diameter size range for the Type 567 Butterfly Valve to include sizes 14-16". The new size range features a unique ...

Polyethlyene Piping Handles Low Temperatures

Oct. 5, 2009
The chemically resistant PE100 industrial polyethylene piping system comes in a complete range of pipe, fittings, valves and fusion joining technologies. The system features robust...

Butterfly Valves Offer Superior Chemical Resistance

May 26, 2009
GF Piping Systems has introduced the new chemically resistant Type 567 and 568 Butterfly Valves in large diameter sizes up to 8 or 12 inches, depending on model. The new valves...

Sensors Offer Chemical Compatibility and Many Mounting Options

Jan. 14, 2009
GF Piping Systems Introduces Next Generation DryLoc pH and ORP Sensors

Flow Sensor Installs Without Shutdown

June 25, 2007
The Signet 2552 metal magmeter is a insertion flow sensor that permits hot-tap access to the pipe stream. This design allows quick and easy installation or maintenance without...