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Transmitters And Controllers Offer Automatic Thermocompensation

Aug. 25, 2011
Units feature a triple input signal, PID standard with feed-forward control functions and triplication control.

Automatic Gas Control Valves Respond To Multiple Process Signals

Aug. 25, 2011
Series 70CV3000 is field configurable for flow proportioning, residual, compound loop or feed forward control.

Industrial Scrubbers Perform Emergency Gas Abatement

Aug. 25, 2011
EST product line includes both wet and dry scrubbers for emergency gas abatement, odor scrubbers, particulate scrubbers and a line of systems for industrial installations.

Detectors Can Monitor Chlorine Gas In Eight Different Locations

Aug. 25, 2011
The detectors monitor gas levels below OSHA requirements.

Controllers Handle Chlorine Dosing Levels

Aug. 25, 2011
Captrol Series 1450 and 1451 process controllers are microprocessor based and suitable for a broad range of chemical feed and disinfection applications.

Chlorine Dioxide Generator Helps Kill Disease-Causing Pathogens

Aug. 24, 2011
Chlorine dioxide is a method of killing the disease-causing pathogens Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Gas-Feed Disinfection Technology Features Automatic Gas Control Valves

Aug. 24, 2011
Capital Controls includes vacuum gas feeders from 1 to 10,000 ppd (200 kg/h).

Gas Flow Control Valve Automates Chemical Feed Process

May 19, 2010
The Capital Controls series 70CV3000 Chloromatic intelligent gas flow control valve is designed to control chemical feed in water or wastewater applications. The valve is said...

Measuring Cells Are Reliable In Many Environments

Jan. 4, 2010
Measurement for low pressure, dusty and wet environments and high temperature applications now available.